Importance of Mental Health Awareness

Mental Health It's something as a society we seem to actively try to ignore, misunderstand, or worse persecute. The effects of poor mental health run deep and are often easy to disguise as they manifest in our most intimate of personal moments and experiences. They're also difficult to escape, as they encourage us to lie to ourselves about our own ability to deal with them. Nobody wants to feel powerless, but poor mental health can easily trick us into making ourselves powerless.

Choosing a CI/CD System

Once a source control system was decided on and stood up. The next logical step for me was to identify a continuous integration and delivery platform to pair with it. On the home-lab I use the combination of GitLab and the integrated CI/CD system in the suite. With this new environment I wanted to put all the pieces together myself so that the amount of magic was at a minimum. Here are the following CI/CD systems I read about and evaluated.

Choosing a Source Control System and Host

Over the last 10 years I've used a handful of source control systems, however the world seems to mostly have converged on git as the source control system of choice for open source projects. It's also the source control system that I'm most familiar with, so it's the system I'll focus on. With that decided, let's focus on the options for self hosting a git repository. Gitlab CE is what I run on the local home-lab, however it's a little heavy for what I want to run outside the home.

Resurrecting the Dead

A little over a year ago I created the blog as a way to kick myself into gear and learn a bit of Hugo. I can now say that while it did force me learn Hugo and I rewrote my personal site with it, I never did get around to doing much with this blog. Today, That Changes! For the past few months I've been migrating services from my homelab, onto dedicated servers or VPS instances.

Hello World

Beginning anything is hard. Setting up a new site seems especially hard. Committing to blogging, especially when I'm not entirely certain of the direction is hard. However, it is often the hard things that are worth doing. We grow and change through the adventure of completing what is set before us. My immediate goals are to cover the technology that I touch, projects I work on, interesting resources and articles that I come across, and possibly any recent tech news that I have strong reactions to.