Hello World

Beginning anything is hard.

Setting up a new site seems especially hard. Committing to blogging, especially when I'm not entirely certain of the direction is hard. However, it is often the hard things that are worth doing. We grow and change through the adventure of completing what is set before us.

My immediate goals are to cover the technology that I touch, projects I work on, interesting resources and articles that I come across, and possibly any recent tech news that I have strong reactions to.

I'm a senior software engineer currently working in the healthcare industry. I have 7 years under my belt in Java, split fairly evenly between working with the Spring framework and no framework. Much of my experience is in middleware and backend systems. On my own time I've taken to using Rust and Python for my personal projects. Along my programing adventure I've picked up and built projects in Ruby, Go, C#, C++, Haxe, and Lisp/Scheme. Most of the languages I've put down have been because I didn't have a problem I wanted to solve with them, and less about the languages themselves.␀